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Find out why our SKY program is loved so much!

“This course was very very good…it really does kinda make you go deep within and the beauty is that you do get a daily practice that you can carry with you forever. So I’m very appreciative. Very well thought out course and I really enjoyed it.”
Dr. Sandeep Vaishnavi
Medical Director, MindPath Care Center
“This course has been really exceptional. …We talk about burnout, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and this allows us to gain tools in combating these issues.”
Dominique Charlot-Swilley, Ph.D.
Children’s Health Center
“It’s amazing that focusing on your breathing, meditating … can become a method of connecting with each other and building bond and a strong sense of community…”
Dr. Jungwon Yoo
Infectious Diseases, MetroWest Medical Center
“What I benefited most from the SKY program is the affirmation that it’s OK to care about myself and put me first…I will make the commitment to take 15 minutes out of the 1440 minutes a day for me, which will leave me 1425 minutes to care for others.”
Kimberly Kelley
Nurse Director
“I thought it was very well organized…For every life in the pandemic now, every minute, every hour really matters…this was time very very well spent and really necessary for me…”
David Mineta
CEO, Momentum for Mental Health
“I felt like I really had a deeper connection with my true self and had this sense of peace and relaxation. Having the tools to decompress daily truly helped me bring clarity on how I deal with things within my control and the acceptance of things I have no control over.”
Michele Atkins-Young
Nurse, Director Children’s Services
“This course helped me accept and deal with things and process what I can control and take things as it is.”
Sokhamony Pheng
Mental Health Caseworker
“When I’m done with the deep breathing and meditation…I have more energy. At night, I sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. When I meet with the group it reinforces my commitment to care for myself first.”
Margaretha Cash
Clinical Nurse Specialist
“I had expected a weekend where I would just learn different breathing techniques. But it was so much more than that…Everything we did was a journey of learning more about myself. And at the end of each exercise, I felt peaceful and much more restful.”
Johanne Mills
Social Worker
“I feel better…much better. I'm not as tired.I feel more energized…rested. Wow! I have never had this opportunity in a long time.”
Sheraine Reid-Walters
“I came into this program very burned out. I find myself getting back to who I am and I'm just very grateful because of a lot of releases.”
Esther Pottoore
“I feel much stronger…I know it's gonna be really helpful in the recovery because I just feel I've got a lot more vital energy running through my body because of the breathing. So, I'm really grateful for the help.”
Dr. Becky Schmitz
“Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful experience. I have a grandson 2.5 year old and because of the virus I haven't been able to see him in person, either visit me or me visit him… I am gonna use this course to help me get through this… I would use this throughout my life.”
Rosa Delia
“I got a lot out of this course and I feel connected. Very relaxed, peaceful, calm and happy and I would love to continue this. I'm blessed to have this opportunity and I'm very, very grateful to everyone.”
Dr. Raji Verma
“The breathing exercise really helps me…getting my thoughts together and …it seems to make you calm and the calmness lingers beyond the sessions and beyond the breathing exercises. Overall, I really enjoyed it and I'm glad I did it.”
Dr. Itin Mehta
Pediatrician and Neonatologist
“I had the highest sleep rating I've ever had…I'm eager to continue the practice and..I'm grateful for the training.”
Dr. Kaplan
“A lot of us deal with very sick patients, with very needy families and we just give, give, give and it's hard to give to ourselves. This course really makes you think about self-care in a different way. It feels so good to know that I have something that I can take with me and do day after day, and know that it works.”
Dr. Theiline Gborkorquellie