The Future of Nursing Practice

9 min Making a Difference: The Importance of Social Workers in SocietyAlthough few many segments of society, have been untouched by the pandemic, it would be hard to argue that few have been impacted more than health care.

Nursing labor shortage

7 min When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, it upended life as we knew it for so much of the population. Many states and cities locked down, while many employees went home to work remotely and perhaps enjoy a slower pace of life. 

Prioritizing the mental health of nurses

8 min Nurses are like hummingbirds, taking care of their patients as they move from one branch to the next. Nurses aren’t just there to dole out meds and take calls.

How breath and meditation can help prevent burnout among nurses

6 min As a nurse, nursing leader, doctor, or any other healthcare professional, there is a high chance that you or your peers have experienced symptoms of burnout due to your workload and environment.